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Friday, 8 February 2008

MalFela Supertux world

MalFela Supertux world
beta version

We've been working on a SuperTux level for a while now.
With both levels from me, Mal, and srynznfyra (fela),
this worldmap is getting pretty big.

With creative solutions to problems:

Nice-looking design:

And much, much more.

EnemyFactory is not compatible with supertux 0.3.1.
Please use the 0.3.1 archive if you plan
to use this with 0.3.1.

0.3.0 Package: 0.3.0-supertuxworld
0.3.1 Package: 0.3.1-supertuxworld


TheguywholikeselectronicsandLinux said...

Do you have any other mirrors?/Could you E-Mail it to my?

rot13srynznfyra said...

why do you need another mirror? rapidshare.com works just fine.

Malachy said...

In soviet russia, file downloads YOU!

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you still have this uploaded somewhere? :)